The Details

Thank you for your interest in Wise Owl Web.  We are creating a better experience for website owners... one website at a time. Your flat-rate price of $1,895 is fully loaded with the following options.



Choose up to 20 pages including:

  • Home, About, Services, etc.
  • Social Media Links & Content Streams
  • Online Forms
  • Slideshows & Videos
  • Maps
  • Blogs


  • Private Pages for Members Only
  • Unlimited Users
  • Ad Space


  • Custom Wireframes (3 edit sessions)
  • Custom Graphic Design (3 edit sessions)


  • Mobile Compatible, Responsive Coding
  • Live Website Draft (3 edit sessions)
  • Fully Developed WordPress Website


  • Google Analytics Set up & Installed
  • Google Webmaster Tools Set up & Installed
  • SEO Plugins Set up & Installed


  • Security Plugin installed to prevent brute force attacks
  • Optional Wow Care is highly recommended for a healthy website. See details below.


We build with WordPress. This is why.

  • #1 CRM
  • Easy Editing
  • Works great with SEO
  • Unparalleled Development Community
  • Secure and Trustworthy

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$69/month (optional)

We highly recommend our WOW Care monthly management for optimal health, security and performance which results from proper updates and management. This service was created based on client requests.

  • monthly email report of your website traffic, links, keywords
  • hosting account
  • software updates (which prevent hack attacks and keeps website working properly as search engines update their algorithms and features) This is also helpful for website speed and cross-browser compatibility.
  • weekly file backups

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Wise Owl Websites.  Click the button below to get started or feel free to reach out to us with additional questions at info@wiseowlweb.com. If you already have a Wise Owl Website and would like to add Wow Care to your site, just send us a message and we'll get you set up right away.


Most everything you could ever need in a new website is included in our flat rate, but we also offer the following add-ons for those who need a little more.

Online Store

e-Commerce, Online Shop, e-Store... whatever you call it. We do it.

 $200 Add-on

We primarily use WordPress with WooCommerce for our online shops. It's a great system with some stellar add-ons depending on what you require.

Please contact us with details about your e-Commerce project.

e-Learning & Online Classrooms

 Add-on (proposal required)

Are you looking to set up an online training program?  We utilize WordPress with Sensei by WooCommerce for these projects. This includes the following:

  • Charge students for courses
  • User Registration
  • Courses > Lessons
  • Course Analytics
  • Course Progress Widget for Student
  • Test Anything
  • Question Bank
  • Quiz Grading
  • Certificate Awards & Badges
  • Share Your Grade (Social Media)

Please contact us with details about your e-Learning project.

WordPress Multisite

Create a network of websites that may be managed in one dashboard.

 Add-on (proposal required)

WordPress Multisite is a special version of the WordPress platform that allows for setting up multiple, similar websites under one dashboard. It allows the super admin to give users the ability to set up their own websites based on a few common design elements and functions. We have experience installing and managing WP Multisite projects. If you're interested in learning more, please contact us. Multisite is not included in our flat-rate pricing model and requires a custom quote based on the goals of each project.

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